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Why Athletes Need to See a Chiropractor

Jevon Kearse and the doctorAthletes use their muscles and rely on a strong and healthy core to perform in their chosen sport. Whether it’s football or running, swimming or golfing, athletes across all different sports can benefit from seeing a chiropractor to protect their muscle and joint health.

Strains, sprains, and spinal injuries are common in athletes due to their rigorous physical activity and the pressure their musculoskeletal systems are under during training and competition. Maintaining good spinal health can keep athletes in tip-top shape so they can keep striving toward their athletic ambitions. Instead of being sidelined by painful injuries, athletes can work with their chiropractors on the best plan for stretching, adjustments, and other preventative measures.

If athletes do get injured, they can visit their local chiropractor for help with sports injury rehabilitation. Adjustments to the neck and spine can minimize inflammation and improve joint function. They can also address alignment issues to ensure the spine is protected for future athletic activities.

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