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What is Whiplash and How is it Treated?

Whiplash suffererMillions of Americans struggle with whiplash every year. This neck injury results from sudden back and forth movements such as car accidents, sports accidents, or traumatic falls. Many cases of whiplash improve within a few weeks with careful exercise and treatment, but sometimes whiplash can turn into a chronic condition leading to other painful complications.

Chiropractic care is essential for whiplash, as it can be treated with careful spinal manipulation. Applying pressure to the affected areas of the spine is an effective form of pain relief, helping whiplash patients continue to recover and live their lives without so much discomfort.

In addition to specific spinal manipulation, chiropractors may also use flexion distraction to gently push on herniated discs that often occur as the result of a whiplash injury. Sometimes chiropractic instruments may be used to apply pressure to the affected area and facilitate faster healing for painful whiplash, which can lead to severe and chronic neck pain and loss of motion if left untreated.

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