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Exercising After a Spinal Injury

ExcercisingExercise is important to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. Chiropractic care can help you stay active, especially if you’ve recently suffered a spinal injury.

Chiropractors may recommend a series of safe exercises that will offer the right stability and support for the spine as you recover and regain strength. Stretching, aerobic exercise and light strength training are your top choices.

It’s a good idea to stretch before and after exercise to loosen up stiff muscles and prevent further injury. Calf, hamstring, shoulder, and forearm stretches can help your body prepare for exercises and recover after a workout.

Swimming, cycling, and cardio workouts are good aerobic options, while you can slowly progress into more weight training as your recovery continues. The goal is to achieve a greater range of motion while also strengthening your spine. That’s why you should follow your chiropractor’s suggestions on a safe exercise routine that will help you get results without overdoing it and putting your body at further risk.

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