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Best Sleeping Positions for Low Back Pain

Best Sleeping Posture DiagramAre you waking up tired, unable to get a solid night of sleep due to irritating pain in your lower back? While chiropractic treatment could help alleviate your pain, switching up your sleeping position may also make a big difference.

So why do certain sleeping positions work better than others for back pain? Well, these sleeping setups are recommended by chiropractors because they offer more support for your muscles and joints and take the stress off your lower back, giving it time to rest and hopefully recover.

If you’re ready to start sleeping better, try these top sleeping positions to combat low back pain:

  • Laying on your side with a pillow between the legs, or even a full-length body pillow
  • Resting on your back and tucking a pillow beneath your knees
  • Sleeping on your stomach with pillow support under the abdomen and pelvis

In addition to pillows, it’s important to have a comfortable mattress that supports your spine and creates a warm and welcoming sleeping environment. Your chiropractor can offer more suggestions on what changes you may need to make to improve your low back pain and your sleep.

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