6 Tips on How to Keep Healthy This Summer

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! The summer heat in South Florida can sometimes be unbearable. Make sure you are keeping your body healthy by drinking enough water. The daily recommended amount of water to consume is 8-8 oz glasses of water. That is called the 8×8 rule. Make sure if you are spending the day outside at the beach, on a boat, or perhaps taking the kids to a park, you are drinking at LEAST your daily recommended amount of water if not more. Try to work as a team with your loved ones, friends, and/or co-workers to encourage each other to keep drinking water throughout the day.

Get Moving! Make sure to keep up your daily exercise during summer. Aerobic activity is the key to keep your heart healthy. With kids off school, it can get tricky to find the time to go to the gym each day but there are other alternatives. Get out and enjoy nature. Take walks with your kids or pets. Go for a bike ride.

Soak It Up! Our skin makes Vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight (without sunscreen). Studies have shown getting 15-20 minutes a day of direct sunlight can help boost your Vitamin D levels which help boost your mood, immunity and energy levels. Make sure after 15-20 minutes you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from getting too much sun.

Eat Locally! Shop for organic and locally grown produce at farmer’s markets more readily available during the summer months. Local food is fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.

Relax! After working hard all year allow yourself some relaxation time. If you do not have a vacation planned, consider taking some me time to unwind and slow down your pace.

Stay on Track! We know many of you will take summer vacations out of town but make sure to not lose any of the gains you have made. Continuing with your adjustment appointments will help keep your body feeling its best for the summer. Our office is flexible and will accommodate your travel plans!



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